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Mar 19 1886
The petition of T B Elder et al and D T Denny et al
relating to police force are now taken from the table
and read.
Moved by Councilman Furth that the present force
of twenty men including officers be retained, lost
by the following vote; In favor of the motion Councilmen
Furth, Harrington and Post, opposed Councilman
Calligan, Hall, Lake and McDonald
Councilman Calligan moved that the Chief of Police
and Inspector of Police be directed to reduce the
police force by dismissing five men
Councilman Hall moved to amend by striking out
the word five and inserting the word three, the
amendment is carried by the following vote to wit: in
favor of the amendment Councilmen Furth, Hall,
Harrington and Post; opposed councilmlen
Calligan, Lake and McDonald
Councilman Calligan motion as amended ia
now put and carried
On motion the matter of Madison Street extension is
made a special order for the next regular
Clerk submits anOrdinance entitles "A special ordi-
nance appropriating money to pay audited bills"
which is adopted by the following vote to wit:
infavor thereof Councilmen Calligan, Furth,
Hall, Harrington, Lake, McDonald and Post.
Ordered that the Council do now adjourn
H L Yesler mayor
Attest W R Forrest clerk by E Shepard deputy

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