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Dec 3 1886
Vitus Schmid Retail Intox Liquor 3 months
the vote upon issuing said licenses is as fol-
lows to wit: In favor of same Furth, Frink,
Green, Hinckley, Russell & Reitze]]
Bills Allowed
Thefollowing claims against the City having
been duly audited by the City Council are
ordered paid by warrants drawn on the various
Funds as follows viz:
Name Warrant# Fund Amount Remarks
W R Forrest 2008 City 125.00 Salary City Clerk
F H Peterson 2009 City 100.00 Salary City Atty
L A Treen 2010 City 100.00 Salary City Treasr
Laurence Cummings 2011 City 87.50 Salary Street Commisnr
James Bogart 2012 City 60.00 Salary City Jailor
James Bogart 2012 City 141.80 Board of Prisoners
Wm Murphy 2013 City 100.00 Salary Chief Police
W H Pinckney 2014 City 90.45 Salary Captain Police
James Welch 2015 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
A H Manning 2016 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
John Frasier 2017 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
J W Hunt 2018 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
T Butler 2019 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
J L McClellan 2020 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
J L McDaniel 2021 22 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
T H Campbell 2023 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
Fred Voigt 2024,25 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
F A Fay 2026,27,28 City 65.00 Salary Patrolman
Sunset Telephone Co 2029 City 5.90 Telephone Service Dec/86
Cedar River Coal Co 2030 City 8.00 CoalforJail and Council
Young & McKeon 2031 City 1.25 Tapers & Cleaning Sink
L Neuman 2032 City 1.35 Jail Lock Key & Latch
Lowman & Hanford 2033 City 21.50 City Warrants & Table License
R H Thomson 2034 City 135.00 Supt Grant Street Plank
and assistants
Harrington & Smith 2035 City 6.25 Supplies for Jail
Wm Murphy 2035 City 1.50 Rolling logs off Slip

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