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Mar 4 1887
From Finance Committee recommending that the bills
of Hasbrook & Terry & Dr. J S M Smart be paid at
the same time calling the attention of the Police
officers to the fact that the city had a Health Officer
whose duty it is to attend to such cases and who is
paid a salary therefor, and in future no bills of
this character will be allowed unless the health
officer is absent form the city. Adopted.
From Same committee rejecting the applicationof
Elizabeth Shumway for a reduction of the valuations of
certain lots in Nagle's Addition. Adopted.
Licenses Ordered Issued
Bernard Kurz Retail malt six (6) months form March 1st 1887
The votte upon issuing said license is as follows viz:
In favor of the same; Furth, Frink,Green, Hinckley, Lake
& Reitze. Against None.
bills Allowed
the followingclaims against the City having been
duly presented and audited and allowed bythe Council
are ordered paid by warrants drawn onthe several funds
as follows viz:
Name Warrant Fund Amount Remarks
W R Forrest 2151 City 125.00 Salary City Clerk
F H Peterson 2152 City 100.00 Salary City Atty
L A Treen 2153 City 100.00 Salary City Treasurer
L Cummings 2154 City 84.00 Salary Street Commr
James Bogart 2155 City 60.00 Salary City Jailor & Janitor
James Bogart 2155 City 112.40 Board of Pirsoners
W Murphy 2156 City 100.00 Salary Chief of Police
James Welch 2157 City 80.00 Salary Capt Police
J W Hunt 2158 City 65.00 Salary Police Officer
W H Pinckney 2159 City 65.00 Salary Police Officer
Thos H Campbell 2160 City 65.00 Salary Police Officer
J L McClellan 2161 City 65.00 Salary Police Officer
T Butler 2162 City 65.00 Salary Police Officer

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