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May 20 1887
to examine and report uponthe best plan to drain
Block 9 Maynard's Plat. On motion the atter of
building a pest house is referred to a Specila Com-
mittee consisting of Councilen Reitze, Hinckley & Lake.
Applications for Liquor Licenses referred
Ramirez & Mason
License Ordered Issued
L V Schnyder Retail Malt 6 months from May 1st 1887
Mrs Jane Osborne Retail Malt 6 months from Apr 16th 1887
Thos R Hughes Retail Intox 6 months from Apr 30th 1887
Andrew Lunn Retail Intox 6 months from May 7th 1887
The vote upon issuing licenses is as follows: In
favor of the same Furth, Frink, Green, Hinckley, Lake
Russell & Reitze. Against none.
Bills Allowed
The following claims against the City having been
duly audited by the Council are ordered paid by
warrants drawn on the several finds as follows:
Name Warrant Fund Amount Remarks
Young Bros 2286 City 3.00 Repairing Closet in Jail
H G Thornton 2287 City 7.60 Constable's Fees
W E Ledgerwood 2288 City 5.50 Dist Court Clerk's Fees
Wm Cochrane 2289 City 1.70 Sheriff's Fees
James P Ludlow 2290 City 11.25 Dist Court Clerk's Fees
John H McGraw 2291 City 3.50 Sheriff's Fees
M McTeigh 2292 City 2.20 Witness Fee
H G Thornton 2293 City 2.20 Witness Fee
H J McDonough 2294 City 2.20 Witness Fee
Henry Mack 2295 City 2.20 Witness Fee
J B Cassarant 2296 City 2.20 Witness Fee
John Lambert 2297 City 2.20 Witness Fee
Paul Butler 2298 City 2.20 Witness Fee
H Howard 2299 City 2.20 Witness Fee
Andrew Burns 2300 City 2.20 Witness Fee

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