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Jun3 1887
Chas McDonald 1622 Road 12.45 Sharpening &Repg tools
Jones & Hubbell 1623 Road 12.45 Ground Feed
Schwabacher B & Co 1624 Road 12.45 Nails
Peoples Co-Op Union 1625 Road 12.45 Ground Feed
Harrington & Smith 1626 Road 12.45 Supplies for St Comnr
Stetson & Post Mill Co 1627 Road 12.45 Lumber
J H Walker 1628 Road 12.45 Ground Feed
Seattle Gas Light Co 176 Gas 16.54 Gas for City
Seattle Electric Light Co 177 Gas 207.80 Lighting Streets
W A Perry 1045 Fire 75.00 Salary Engr No 1
A M Gilman 1046 Fire 75.00 Salary Engr No 2
N S Snyder 1047 Fire 25.00 Salary Secty Fire Dept
G Kellogg 1048 Fire 75.00 Salary Chief Dept
costs for Decoration Day
G Kellogg 1049 Fire 6.00 Cash aid for hauling hose
Sunset Telephone Co 1050 Fire 13.50 Telephone Service Jun
Chas McDonald 1051 Fire 5.85 Columbia St Incline repair
Washington Iron Works 1052 Fire 7.80 Repg Ladder etc
Young Bros 1053 Fire 9.22 Pipe for No 1
F Marco 1054 Fire 2.25 Repg Hose Cart
Dunham & Beattie 1055 Fire 6.00 Washing Hose
Jos Dunham 1056 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
Ordered that the rate of assessmnet in order to
provide funds for the construction of a side-
walk on thenorth side of Madison Street.
under Ordinance No 818, be and the same is
hereby fixed at the rate of 1&1/2 mills on the
The resignation of Jesse F Cochran as mem-
ber of the Board of Registration is read and
on motion is accepted.

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