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Jul 15 1887
City Attroney directed to draw the usual contract and
the contractors directed to file a good and sufficient
bond in the sum of Two thousand (2000) dollars.
Ordered that the contrat for bulding sidewalk and
bridge be awarded to Finch & Henderson upon thier
finling a bond in the sum of $1000.00 and the City
Attorney directed to draw the usual contract.
North School House Property
Councilman Frink states that he has communicated
with the School Trustees of School District No 1 and
that the said trustees are ready to transfer the North
School House
property. to wit: Lots numbered 9 & 12 Block
52 A A Denny's 3rd Addtition
upon the terms heretofore offered
and moves that upon a porpoer transfer being made a
warrant for the sum of Four Thousand (4000)dollars be
drawn in favor of said School District. Carried.
On motion of Councilman Reitze Ordered that the
following shall be the linits within which property
shall be subject to a special tax for lighting of the
streets gas or electric lights and within which the
City shall furnish the same to wit: Commencing at the
foot of Dearborn Street and running thence East
along the South side of Dearborn Street to 12th St
thence north along the East side of 12th St to Mill
thence West along the north side of Mill St
to Broadway, thence along the east side of Broadway
to 14th Street, thence northwesterly along the east
side of 14th Street to Depot Street to Railroad Avenue,
thence along Railroad Avenue to Mill Street, thence
South on a line parallel with Commercial Street two
hundred and fifty six feet west of the west line of
Commercial Street to Dearborn Street the place of

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