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Aug 19 1887
From same Committee returning approved reports of
Justices Jones & Soderberg & City Jailor Bogart. adopted
Licenses ordered Issued.
B Kurz Retail Malt 6 Months form Sept 1st 1887
H S Carlton Retail Liquor 6 Months form Sept 1st 1887
Sain Licenses are granted by the following vote viz:
Ayes Frink, Green, Lake, Moran, Neisz, Russell &
Reitze Nays none.
Licenses Referred
Ole Nelson
Bills allowed
The following bills having been duly audited by the Council
are allowed and ordered paid by warrants drawn on
the several funds as follows viz:
Name No Fund Amount Remarks
Eben S Osborn 2458 City 20.00 List of owners of Property
Harrington & Smith 2459 City 3.50 Supplies for Jail & City Hall
E Deal 2460 City 65.00 Special Police
F A Minick 2461 City 65.00 Special Police
C L Wynegar 2462 City 43.20 Special Police
B B Dearborn 2463 City 12.00 Printing Justice complaints
Albro Gardner 2464 City 25.00 Bal Salary
Martin Lange 2465 City 1.25 One Half Barrel
Lowman & Hanford 2466 City 16.50 Printing Blanks
Geo W Craig 2467 City 1.00 Hauling man to Jail
Young Bros 2468 City 1.00 Repairing Closet in City Hall
W Soderberg 2469 City 28.35 Justice Fees
Pat Flynn 2470 City 2.20 Justice Fees
J Caldwell 2471 City 4.40 Justice Fees
H F Jones 2472 City 74.10 Justice Fees
J R Kinnear 2473 City 20.00 Justice Fees
Manuel Huerta 2474 City 54.00 Justice Fees
Frank Beattie 1088 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
Frank Beattie 1088 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
Ira Hummell 1089 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose
Wm McDonald 1090 Fire 3.00 Washing Hose

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