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Oct 21 1887
Be it remembered that on this 21st day of October 1887
the Common Council of the City of Seattle meets in its
Council Chamber pursuant to law. The following of-
ficers are present, to wit: Mayor Thos T Minor and
Councilmen J.M.Frink, Joseph Green, T W. Lake, U.R.Niesz,
R Russell & C.F.Reitze and W R Forrest Clerk
Petitions & Communications
Petition of Stetson & Post Mill Co & others praying that the
Puget Sound Shore Line Road or Oregon Improvement Co, be
not permitted to store oil in large quantities in the
building formerly occupied John E Good on Commer-
cial Street
, read and referred to committee on Fire & Water
with power to act
Communication from G.W.Kimball asking that he be per-
- mitted to peddle pants buttons without a license, rejected.
Communication from J J McGilvra in regard to keeping
Madison Street open for travel read and motion of C F
to keep said street open is lost.
On motion of T.W.Lake, [?] contractor Mr Wm Tierney
is allowed $100.00 for labor already done in keeping
said Street open.
Petition of G.Bureau and others for modification of
Seventh St. grade, read and referred to the Street Committee.
Petition of W L Ames and others for opening Sixth
from Battery to Depot Street, and Vine Street from
Fifth to Depot Street, read and referred to Street Committee.
Communication from D E Durie et. al. recommending
Saml A Hoyt. for the position of Harbor Master, read and
referred to committee on Harbour and Wharves.
Communication from E.C.McClannahan asking damages

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