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Nov 4 1887
to private property that such parties deposit with
the City Clerk that sum of Twenty (20) dollars to
be retained by the City until the sidewalk or
street is replaced in as good condition as found &
not to be refunded except on the written order of the Street
Ordered that a tax of thirty eight (38) cents on
each and every dollar of the assessed valuation of
all the property included within the Assessment
district created by Ordinance No 815, be and the same
hereby is levied on said property for the purpose of
paying for the property condemned by said ordinance
No 815 and for condemnation proceedings.
It having been suggested to the Council that the
appraisers heretofore appointed to assess the damages
and benefits accruing by reason of the Expansion of
Natches and Republican Streets under Ordinance No 559
have failed to qualify, and that M R Maddocks, one
of the appraisers had left the City for an indefinate
period, on motion His Honor the Mayor appointed
Harold Preston to act as such appraiser on behalf
or the city, M R Galloway on behalf of the owners
of property condemned and L B Andrews on behalf
of the owners of property benefitted.
On motion the plat of James Addition to the
City of Seattle
is rejected for the reason that the
same is principally in patented land outside
of the meander line. Also because the notary public
before whom the asknowledgement was taken failed
to offer his official seal, and the separate ac-
knowledgement of the wife is not taken.
On motion the plat of the D M Crane addition

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