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Mar 2 1888
From same committee on communication from Street
Commissioner Jackson Street Bridge to the effect that the
Committee has examined the bridge and does not find
it in a dangerous condition, though badly worn in the center
and recommend that the bridge be divided into three parts: the
cable road in the center with passage ways for teams on
each side, when the bridge will last two or three years yet.
Report adopted and Street Committee ordered to make the
repairs suggested.
From same committee recommending that a stringer
6 x 6 in size be placed at intervals in the center of
Grant Street Plank Road Bridge to keep teams from driving
continuously in the center where the planking is beginning
to wear. Adopted, and the Street Committee ordered to
carry out the plan suggested.
From same committee granting petition of Mrs Hathaway
and others for opening alley in Block 50 A A Denny Addi-
. Adopted.
From Committee on Sewers & Drainage granting petition of Thos
for a sewer on Second Street between Madison and
Marion the same to be an eight inch iron stone sewer
to be placed under the superintendence of the City
Engineer. Adopted.
From same committee on petition of W H Reeves & others
for a sewer on Seneca Street as follows: "We recommend
that an iron stone sewer be placed on said street be-
-tween 4th Street and 2nd Street and a box sewer
between 2nd Street and the Bay, the lower end of this
street not being graded. Adopted.
From same committee granting petition of A Mack-
and others for a sewer in University Street, said

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