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AUG 17 1888
Petition of D N Hyde & others for a sidewalk on the south
side of Bluff Street from Light Street to Glover Street
Read and referred to Street Committee.
Petition of L Miller and others for extension of the
Street Light Limits, read and referred to Com on St. Lights.
Petition of Mill Street property owners to grade Mill St
from South Fourth Street west to South Second Street so
as to conform to the established grade, read and granted.
the work to be done under the direction of the Street
Petition of Frank Gumbert and Fred A Johnson for
changing liquor license from Gumbert & Clinch to Gumbert
& Johnson
; read and granted provided a new bond is filed.
Petition of Board of School Trustees of District No 1
praying the Council not to grant liquor licenses with-
in two blocks of any school buildings, Granted.
Petition of R Perkovits for permission to make certain
alterations to buildings on Front Street occupied by
him as a store. Read and referred to com on Fire & Water
Petition of E F Adams for permission to build a
brick yard on Court Street and take clay from said
street. Read and referred to Street Committee.
Petition of Peterson & Fahen for removal of obstructions
from South 8th Street placed there by the Contractor
on Mill Street, read and referred to the Chief of Police
with instructions to notify the contractor to remove
the obstructions complained of.
Petition of C Beckman andothers for abatement of a

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