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Aug 20 1888
Ordered that the words and figures "1/2 of" oppposite
Lot 1 Block N Bell's 5th Addition in Olive Stewart's
assessment for stricken from the roll, and the value
raised $225, as Mrs Olive J Stewart owns the whole lot.
Ordered that Lot 6 Block 36 Bell and Denny's 2nd add.
for stricken from the Unknown list as the property
belongs to the M E Church and is exempt.
Ordered that W H Hughes be reduced on Frac Lot 7
Block 56 Mrs. S A Bell's 2nd Addn
from $150 to $30.
Ordered that Haley and Wright be assessed $3700.00 on
personald property to same having ommited from the
roll by the assessor.
Ordered that W C Squire be cited to appear and
show cause why the assessed valuation of Lot 5
Block 3 Maynard's addn
should not be raised from
$1600 to $16000.
F Toklas appeared before the Board and asked for a
reduction of the assessment of Toklas and Singerman
Referred to a committee consisting of Mr
Niesz, Mr Durie and Mr Green
Petitions of Geo Kinnear asking that Block 30, 31 & 32
G Kinnear's addn
be stricken from the roll, laid on the
table until thecommittee appointed to examine and
report on the assessment of Water Front property.
Ordeted that the Council adjourn as a Board
of Equalization until Wednesday Aug 22 1888 at
8 o'clock PM
Approved Robert Moran mayor
Attest Clerk.

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