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Sep 21 1888
from same committee granting petition of Thompson and
for temporary transfer of Liquor license. Adopted.
From Same committee on petition of D T Denny & Others
asking the Council not to grant licenses for the sale
of liquor within four blocks of any school house in
the city, recommending that the petition be granted so
far as not grant any such license within three (3)
blocks of the Central, North & South school houses
Also recommending that the Council adopt the policy
of refusing to grant any liquor licenses in any part
of what is recognized as the residence portion of the
City or for any portion of the outlying districts
which would necessitate extra expense for the Police
Department Adopted.
From Committee on Fire & Water rejecting the petition of D H
& others for the abatement of a nuisance in
the shape of a sash and door factory on Third Street
between Pike and Pine and stating that the
committee had notified the proprieters to put a spark
arrester on the chimney of said factory. Adopted.
From same Committee granting petition of J H Rengstorff
for permission to move and repair portion of dwelling
house on North half of Lot 5 block 6 A A Denny's addn
so far as to give him permission to move his part of
the said building a distance not to exceed fifteen (15)
feet and close the same in but to add nothing to it
that is not in accordance with the provisions of
Ordinance No 992. Adopted.
from Committee on Streets rejecting petition of D N
for a sidewalk on South side of Bluff Street. Adopted
From Same Committee rejecting petition of J F McNaught

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