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Darlington Md Apl 29th 1876

Dear Ned,

I received a letter from "Old
Tom Borden" yesterday proposing that, as
we would all probably, visit the Centennial,
You, F Tyson, and myself, should make our
arrangements so as to meet him there and have
once more in our lives a reunion of the
"San Franscico 49ers" who camped together
"on the hill". He included Sam Stabler, and
the "noisy chap" & his brother whose names he
could not remember. (I suppose he meant Ben
& Jess Reynolds) but as we do not know
anything about them of late years, I thought
that it would be pleasant (if possible) for
you, F.T. & myself to try to meet Tom there
& if Same happens to be East, to include
him. I will try to make it suit me, at
any time it suits you and Fred provided it
be not at the "Grand Opening" or 4th of July
upon both of which occasions there will be
such a "perfect jam & crush" that I would
rather be anywhere else, for I want to see

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