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something when I do go, and it will
be impossible upon those days to do so.

I wrote to Tom to-day telling him I
was pleased with the idea, and that I
would write both to you & Fred. I also
wrote to the latter enclosing Tom's letter
& requested him to re enclose it to
you so that you will be likely to receive it
within a day or two. Tom's letter is highly
characteristic of him as we knew him
in days long gone by. I need a little "shak-
ing up" as Fred calls it and feel as tho'
there are few combinations to be found that
I would enjoy more than to combine a meet
-ing of the occupants of the tent on the "sand
hills" and the great Centennial.

Please give love to Sophy & the little ones
& all enquiring friends. Perhaps you could
spend a night or two with me either going or

Ever Sincerely your friend & Cousin
C.E. Iddings.

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