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which we passed had not set well, from some cause.
The other fields looked promising.
The questions of this meeting which were very
numerous are partly as follows.

1st Ques. Does it pay to feed cattle on grain to
start them well for pasture?

1st Ans A majority thought not, unless to make
them ready for beef early.

2nd. Shall I sow clover seed now or wait for
the ground to crack open? Ans Now

3rd How many potatoes will the club plant?

Ans. 101 1/4 acres.

4th How many acres of oats. Ans. 180 acres.

5th What is the quickest and cheaply made fence
for temporary use?

Ans. 4 fork fence - galloping do

6th How many will sow plaster on grass? Ans 4.

7th What sized potatoes will you plant?

Ans. 2 small, 9 middle sized, 1 large

8th What do with "the field that was not set
well in grass" Ans Pasture in

9th If you were going to get a combined
Reaper and Mower, what kind would you get?

Ans 7 Kirby's, 5 Dodge's

10th After supper our host asked the club if
they thought he could make a living
on his farm?

Ans. Unanamously yes. Some one suggested
that from the boutiful way in which he
intertained his guests there was no
danger of starving.

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