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Extract from minutes of "The Farmers' Club of 3/17-1851

"The Club held an intermediate meeting, according to previous arrangement at the home of Samuel P. Thomas. Present all but T. P. Stabler, Henry Stabler and Mahlon Kirk.

The perculiarity of operations here most worthy of note appeared to be the concentration of our host's efforts upon sixty acres, lying around the house; leaving the rest of a large farm untouched. The advantages of this system were evident in the striking improvement effected in the land so cultivated.

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1 Bone, guam, lime and well rotted stable manure, side by side appeared very much alike (in results) and a clover field where quam only had been used looked very [illegible/} The wheat was all promising. Zimmerman more so than Mediterranean; tho sown a good deal later. A peach orchard which had flourished under constant cultivation of the ground until within the last 2 yrs., during which it had been used as a range for pigs, was fast declining under the latter system of cultation. An instance was noticed where a fruit tree appeared to be perishing from the effects of a hole dug a little distance off

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Mr. Airy 10-19-1912 picks of wheat and not sow it deep. Also he was told to cut his shucks of corn large and [drill?] round them

Clifton Thos was advised to sell an over large brood sow. F.M.H. asked what to do with the [illegible?]ings from new home Most achieved keeping it till spring & just on grass land.

J. L. has advised to clean out his ice pond with a scoop and [illegible?] horses with a long rope or chain attached to the scoop.

C.F.B. was told to put rails or timbers in the bottom of his corn cut which has a cement floor before putting in corn.

Dr. F. L. asked if he should feel second of hay which is full of bug thistle? He was told to go ahead feeding it as the thistle is not very troublesome.

T.J.L. said he was raised on hog thistle and [?]pinal it would not make it any more to pack the hay.

A.M.A. said he considered hog thistle littles of the valley in companion to plantain!

F.A. said if he were farming he would try thistle and [illegible?] it [illegible?] coal.

F. S. was advised not to bury cabbage this early.

J.C.B. was told to sow 4 bus. of [illegible?] top per acre in this fall.

A committee was appointed by the chair to consult with committees from the other clubs to agitate the question of good roads and bridges in one district.

Luther Stabler reported in behalf of road committee that they had drafted a report to bring before the County Commissioners and after [being?] indorced by them, before the State Road Commission.

We adjourned to meet at Thomas J. Lea's November 23rd

M. L. Bentley Sect'y

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30 572 No minutes could be found to copy for the meeting held at Thomas J. Lea's 23rd November 1912.

574 Sunnyside 12-12-1912 Guests were Charles F. Brooke, Dr. Thomas, Sam'l Bond, Robert Miller, John Thomas, Frederick Stabler, Albert Stabler & John C. Bentley.

Our host reported in regard to the Board Committee that he hd conferred with the Committee appointed by the other Clubs and asked Charles Brooks to give his news upon the subject, who said that he believed the proper plan would be to use our ---

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The walk was next in order In the barnyard we found a bunch of five steers were said by the man who proposed to be judges, to be in excellent order and all giving & putting on flesh. A beautiful [place?] year [illegible?] colt was next brought out for an inspection. He was large for his age and spendidly [turned?] and showed his breeding and sense in every movement.

M.O.A. asked whether it was a common thing to pasture [?t]anking coal fires, he sees a great scoring in the amount of fuel used if the fire is properly [?]anked

B.H.M. wished to know whether there had been any weather so far, rough enough to make it necessary to keep heifers up? Most members thought it well to keep them up cold nights.

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12 - 21 - 19

wished to know what it is worth & maintain ten yearly SSSSSS per month? $1.50 - $2.00 a month was refunded right. Wierd that the wad committee average for a jolly meeting is barely & take action on the wad question.

asked what fudder is worth per bundle? He was told about four events wished to know what it was worth wish 100 fewer park hand when hism

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