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4 [Amersley] the 2. 1911 Con. 561

clean with scoop.

6th My com has an unusual quantity of smut; what is advised to do? Sort carefully for horses and hogs, give

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Elburn 1-3-1912

The 562nd meeting of the club was held at Newton Stablers 1-3-1912.

The absentees were Geo. A. Wilson Edw. P. Thomas Arthur Stabler and M. T. Bentley. Guests: Wm G. Thomas F. M. Hallowell, H.H Miller and Albert Stabler.

We found on inspection a large number of and variety of stock of all in healthy condition. A sow and eight pigs, 25 hogs weighing about 185lbs, 6 cattle about 850, 4 colts and 50 yews. The chickens were also looking fine, and all these splendid animals will enjoy the full dinner pail this winter from the looks of the cornhouse.

At the last club, R.R. Moore asked about ridding his ice pond of cattails and reported that he had succeeded in removing them.

The secretary had it that the pond was full of cocktails and perhaps that accounts for the promtness of cleaning it out. A communication from Arthur Stabler enclosing a petition to the Excise board of Washington thanking them for nailing the lid down on "just and fair chance" was read and signed by all present. Moved that A.M. Stabler collect the Farmers Convention Fund and that the ballance of the Pigeon club fund be put with it.

Malcolm Farquhar presented a petition to the club asking the B. & O. R.R. to construct more freight trackageat Rockville.

The petition was signed by the president and secretary and forwarded to M. Farquhar.

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[Elbwrn?] Con 1-3-1912 562. Our host had no essay but called attention to the large ammount of straw a small quantity of stock can utilize. Questions Mr. Stabler wants to construct a shed having the back part and posts already in position. Nearly all the kinds of roofing material available were mentioned but the general opinion was that a cheap roof of straw, boards, fodder, paper, tin, sheet iron, [zine?] or shingles would answer unless he wanted the loft space over head, then he could use the same materials in a more substantial way.

M.F. was advised to wait until March before graining a 2 year old colt which is being [writered?] on cow peas and sorgum.

[W^MS?] was hold that W^M J. Allen at Satisfactory was the most reliable strawberry plant grower to deal with and that putting the plants 15 inches apart and the rows 4 feet, there would be 8700 planrs per acre! 18 in. apart make 7200.

A.M.S. made inquiry about pastwrage for 10 head of cattle for a month and a half. Several members offered it.

The question bringing forth its most comment was asked by M.O. Stables. Having to kill an old family horse, he dragged the carcass into a woods belonging to another man. A person more energetic than honorable Mrs. thinks comes along soon oftern, relieves the animal of his outer garment and profits for his labors. So was and up-to-date sland phrase. This piece of unwarranted injustice" got

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Elburmlon 1-3-1912

Morts goat". Some thought if he cared that much for the animal, it should have been given a decent burial with appropriate funeral services. Others thought the removal of the hide an advantage because of hastening the work of scavengers. No one said so but there was a feeling that Mr Stabler was kicking himself for possessing a little bit too much sentiment for making easy money. At any rate, Mr Stabler was not pleased with the views taken and informed the chairman that he had no more questions for the C. Club.

It was thought that C. J. Gilpin could get $15.00 per ton for our peas and sorgum in the field.

B.H.Miller thought it advisable to back our senators up on the arbitration treaties.

If given proper treatment, it was thought that Rust Canbys mare could be bred at 3 yrs.

Wm Canby asked for the opinion of the club for bonding the County for building a system of pipes for conducting sewerage into the District of Columbia from adjacent sections of Montgomery Co. No one was favorable to it.

Al. Stabler had a sample of ground oyster shell which promises to be a good convenient way of spreading lime. Sold by the Torch Packing Co Balto. Md

Adjourned to Belmont

S. P. Thomas Secy

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Belmont 1-27-12 563

The absent members were: R.G. Moore and Arthur Stabler. Those present as guests were R.H Miller, John Thomas Wm W. Moore, [?] F Thomas, Frederic Stabler, Frank Snowden, J.C. Bentley, E. Clifton Thomas, Nathan Wafle, Wm J. Thomas and Mr Richardson of Deleware who gave us a very interesting talk on fruit raising methods in his state. Owing to the cold raw weather the walk of inspection was not very extensive. The up-to-date cow stable which is one of the best in this vicinity was found in good working order. The convenience of every thing was especially notable.

A close inspection of the the hog house revealed a Thomas cat as the only form of life therin. There are instances on record when sausage has been accused of containing members of the canine family but the Feline family is generally considered exempt. Several of our horticulturally inclined members and guests looked longingly at the now dormant garden as our host is one of our [?] vegetable growers. In season the Belmont garden furnishes the main attraction on the walk and at the table. The minutes of the last meeting at Newton Stablers were read and approved.

Mr Richardsons talk was in lieu of an essay by our host.

Questions E.P.T. is told that wheat straw last year was worth $6.00 per ton bailed. Also that it is with an average of 60cent per bag for a two horse market wagon to Washington.

R.B.T. thinks Mapes fertislizers too expensive.

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