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Use it instead of manure and then apply the
manure too.

How to make brine in a fish barrel that
contains only salt? Get some brine from
another fish barrel and pour in to start it.

We were informed that where the oats were
cut when about 9 inches high on the lawn
at Lucknow the grass is now perfect.

How far is a woman justified in asserting her
prerogative when six tame pigs frequent her
front hall? Advised to order the head hand
to put them up.

A member called our attention to the fact that
one grape-vine at Clifton is supposed to have
640 lbs of grapes upon it this season.

String-beans which will not bear are supposed
to have made too much growth, no
remedy suggested.

Do Tuberoses require much sun? Yes

Is it too late to plant cabbage? Success doubtful.
Celery may be planted any time in August.

What shall the owner of Belmont do with 50
bushels of ashes? Put them on the lawn.

Will strawberry plants set out early in August
bear the next year? Yes.

How to make ice-cream smooth and light?
Do not churn it much until it begins
to thicken, and then ply the [dasher?]

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