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On May 29th 1893 some members of the Home Interest braved a cold wind and rain as well as their fears of a possible flood and met at Leawood Mill. A number of invited friends were also present.

The heart of the hostess was made glad by beautiful flowers presented by many hands: roses lovely and choice. perenials of new and old acquaintance brightening the room on every side, while a vase of poppies glowing in Oriental splendor seemed to try to vanish any results of gloomy weather, but with poor success.

Many successive days of almost sultry weather had persuaded the authorities in the house that :

"Summer's firstborn child is here"
in fact not in [name?] and so they had dispensed with the means of making a fire - shut up the chimney to keep the swallows from falling into the room.

So [illegible?] were good [illegible?] and business opened by the reading of the minutes of the only meeting previously

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