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quoted as remembering fall as the sea

The visitor who asked in a tone of
mingled hesitation and anguish if any
one ever had big black ants in her sugar
and she was advised to oil the floor around
her barrel with kerosene.

Beulah L. Thomas was not prepared
to read, but told us of a cheese at the World's
Fair so large that she remembered that to
help her out with her statistics about
it - it weighs 22,000 lbs! She also stated
that there had been 1600 and odd deaths
in the grounds; and we were much inter
ested to hear of a blind deaf mute who
"saw" the Fair as well as any one else. She
also advised us to see the electric fountain
at Lincoln Park. Benjamin [?] Miller
read us an interesting chapter from
his Western experience.

Readers for next time Kate D. Thomas
Dr. Brooke

But when we adjourned to meet
at Sunnyside 9-25-93 contrary to the
usual order, the most momentous
question of the evening arose - how were

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