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4/8/1880 -2-

The question as to whether we should
have an Exhibition then came up. All
but one here in favor of having it, and
after a discussion it was voted that we
should hold it Sept 2nd. It was then decided
by a vote of 12 to 9 that the
September meeting should be dropped
because it would conflict with the Exhibition
and the Rockville Fair.

The president requested that the meeting
to be held at Rockland in October
should be on Saturday. There was no objection.

Questions Is it too early to sow Kale? Sowe
the middle of August.

2nd Has any one found a way to make
the seckel pear stay on the tree?
Shake [or? unclear] pick part off.

3rd What has been the experience with
Crescent seedling straw berries?
No experience

4th Is it too late to plant Celery? no.

5th Is it too soon to plant Pansy seed
for spring blooming? It is too soon

6th Will it do to cut off the ends of
limbs of young pear trees instead
of pulling? They will be Trimmed in
the Spring any how

7th When is the proper time to transplant
Rose bushes? Early in the Spring.

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