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H/6/1897 -4-

1 Are gardens doing as well as usual?
Peas, onions and beets are but other vegetables
are suffering from the cold.

2 What variety of rose is called the Tea
rose? The members from Knowltont are
the only ones who are acquainted a
rose under that name and they will
try to introduce it to others.

3 When should tomato plants be sprayed?
At intervals during the season as a
preventive as well as a cure. The
Bordeaux mixture recommended was
6 lbs. lime 7 lbs copper suplhate in
a barrel of water.

4 When should grapes be bagged?
When the size of currants.

5 When should crimson clover be sowed
and when should it be plowed
under? Sow in August and turn
down early in May.

6 Why has an asparagus yeilded
poorly? Most beds have done so
this season; only one or two present
have had a fair crop.

7 How should rose bugs be destroyed?
By being picked off and put
into boiling water.

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