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April 2, 1991, Eastlawn, page 2

perrenials and prune broadleaf evergreens. Fertilize iris
with bonemeal. Plant annuals when maples start to leaf.

Watch out for frost. April 28 is the last frost date for DC
area. Start tomatoes and apply fungicide on roses when
leaves appear. Plant potatoes in trench with pine straw or
hay - said to grow cleaner and sweeter than potatoes grown
in dirt.

John Hartge followed with the Meteorological report for the
past months. The first frost happend on October 22 and the
first killing frost appeared on the 27th. The winter had
seemed mild with adequate precipitation but not much snow.
The last snow fell on March 29th.


From Pi Acres came vinca, daphne, celandine poppy, lesser
celandine, white & pink camilla, forsythia, flowering
quince, crocus, magnolia, daffodils, glory-in-the-snow,
anemones, virginia bluebells, spring beauty, wild hyacinth,
bloodroot, pieris japonica, grape hyacinth, winter aconite,
pacysandra, and pulmonaria.

Clifton brought assorted jonquils, spirea, and pulmonaria.
From Riverton came assorted narcissus & daffodils, hyacinth,
and watercress.

From the Earps came lungwort, jacobs ladder, daffodils,
magnolia, hyacinth, grape hyacinth, cherry blossoms,
primrose, and andromeda.

From Lea House came assorted jonquils, and forsythia.

Bird Report

Nancy and Ari Preuss were in Costa Rica and enjoyed seeing a
number of exotic birds including great wrens, toucans, black
blue footed, red beaked turkeys, hummingbirds, and
weaverbirds. The Chance's son Peter was in Asia where there
are no birds because they are considered food and are eaten
when caught. A Winter Wren has been sighted in this area.
It is smaller than the Carolina and winters in this zone
before migrating to Canada to nest.


The Redundancy Committee has made remarkable strides in
putting general information of past meeting into accessible
computer files. The main participants are enjoying a well
deserved hiatus.

The Nominating Committee will burst forth upon us at the May

The Business Report involved a further discussion of
microfilming all the old minutes. Mo has been our liaison

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