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but all fruitless - lost my hook
and line in the attempt, foolishly
bating it with meat which was
taken off by some fish - The
London Packet still in sight -
as the shadows of the evening
have disppeared but she is
far_ far_ behind us, her fore
top gallant sail just to be seen on
the distant horizon. _ In fifteen
days with such wind as we have
they say we shall be in LPool.

_ The waves appear to be from
ten to twenty feet high - Have
had a fine brood of Mother
Careys chickens following our
wake for some days past. -
They appear at a distance formed
much like the whippoorwill only
smaller _ At 12 o clock took
Our Latitude and at two our
Long - find we have made
about 600 miles from Land, the
current of the Gulph Stream having
set us about 30 miles in 24 hrs
Eastwardly. __ the Gulph and
such weed Still floating _ but
both it and Mother Carey's

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