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Dr. Steiner Finds 550 Represented In Pratt Library
A Remarkable Showing Of This Good Old State's Literary Activity, Which Will Be Surprising.
Dr. Bernard C. Steiner, librarian of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, has just completed, for publication in THE SUN, a list of Maryland authors from the earliest Colonial period to the present time, embracing those who have been natives of the State and those who have either lived here at any time or have written about Maryland. The list is based on the books of the authors in the Pratt Library.
Never before has such a list been compiled, and it has taken Dr. Steiner many months to complete it. There are 550 authors in all, 368 being natives of Maryland and the remaining 182 either sons of the State by adoption or those who have written concerning it.
Few persons realize how productive of literary effort the soil of Maryland has been. Writers of international fame are to be found among the lists furnished by Dr. Steiner. Few States of the Union, probably none, can furnish a more brilliant coterie of scientific writers. The reason is to be found in the fact that Baltimore has long been a center of learning. The faculties of the Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, Baltimore Medical College and the College of Physicians and Surgeons have furnished a list of authors on science of which any State could be justly proud.
Following is a partial list of authors who have been natives of Maryland. The list will be continued in subsuquent issues of THE SUN:
GIBBONS, JAMES CARDINAL (1834). -- Born in Baltimore; began to study for the Catholic ministry in 1848; ordained priest in 1861, made bishop in 1868 and cardinal in 1886. A writer of note and frequent contributor to current magazines. Author of "Faith of Our Fathers," "Our Christian Heritage," "True Manhood," "The Ambassador of Christ."
KENNEDY, JOHN PENDLETON (1795-1870) -- Born in Baltimore, died in Newport, R.I.; A soldier in the War of 1812, and later a lawyer; a member of Congress and a Presidential elector in 1840; a Cabinet officer and Speaker of the House of Delegates of Maryland. Author of "At Home and Abroad," "The Black-water Chronicle," "The Border States: Their Power and Duty in the Present Disordered Condition of the Country," "Horseshoe Robinson," "Speeches and Addresses," "Memoirs of the Life of William Wirt," "Political and Official Papers."
RANDALL, JAMES RYDER (1839-1908). -- Born in Baltimore. While a teacher in Louisiana, he wrote "Maryland, My Maryland," a son which won him much fame. He wrote several other lyrics, among them "There's Life In The Old Land Yet," "The Lone Sentry," "John Pelham," "The Cameo Bracelet." A collection of his poems has recently been published.
SCHLEY, WINFIELD SCOTT (1839). -- Born near Frederick. A rear-admiral, United State Navy (retired). Commanded the Greely relief expedition in 1884, and was in immediate command of the American fleet in the naval victory of Santiago. Author of "An Arctic Rescue," "The Rescue of Greely," "Report Greely Relief Expedition," "Forty-five Years Under the Flag."
BROWNE, WILLIAM HAND, M.D. (1828) -- Born in Maryland; a membe rof the Maryland Historical Society and a writer of note; professor of English literature in the Johns Hopkins University. Author of "Maryland: The History of a Palatinat," "George Calvert and Cecilius Calvert, Barons of Baltimore, of Baltimore," "The Clarendon Dictionary: a Concise Handbook of the English Language," "History of Maryland," prepared for use of schools by Browne and Scharf; "Maryland: Its Resources, Industries and Institutions," "Life of Alexander Stephens," "Wheat: Its Worth and Waste." He compiled "Heart Throbs of Gifted Authors"; translated "Greece and Rome" from the German of Von Falke; has edited Southern Review, Southern Magazine, "Maryland Archives, Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly, 1637-1710," "Selections from the Early Scottish Poets," "The Taill of Rauf Collyear."

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