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To Make Gooseberry Wine
Take one peck of ripe gooseberries and
take 3 gallons of spring water, boil it and
pour it hot on the berries. Let them
stand 3 days and then strain them through
a piece of flannel once or twice, then put
to every gallon of wine one pound of loaf
sugar. Put the liquor 2 or 3 months to work
then bottle it close and let it stand some
time before you drink it.

To Make Elderberry Wine
Take 4 pecks of berries and pick them, stamp
and strain them, then to every gallon of jucie add
3 gallons of water. Put the water to the husks,
let them stand all night together then strain
them out of the water and mix the juice and
it together in a pan. Let it boil an
hour before you put in your sugar, then
to every gallon of liquor add 2 lb of six-
penny sugar 1 ounce mace and cloves + nutmeg let it boil 1 hour after
when it is cold take a piece of bread
and toast it very hard and cover it well
with yeast on both sides. Put it into the wine
and let it work 2 days then tun it up
and when it has done working stop it
close and let it stand 6 weeks, then bottle
it and put into every bottle a lump of
double refined sugar. Cork them close and let
them stand 3 months before you drink it.

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