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To Make Chocolate
Take a pint of new milk and as much water,
boil them well together then take the yolks of
2 new laid eggs with 2 spoonfulls of chocolate
shaven down and as much sugar. Beat it
well with a spoonfull of milk, then pour on
your milk and water (hot) and then pour it
to and [fro] again until it be well mixt. So drink
it hot. This is good being drunk every
morning and is very restorative for consumptive

To Make Poppy Brandy
Take a peck of poppy flowers, well picked and
put into four quarts of brandy. Add 2 pennyworth
of liquorice, scraped and sliced; half a pound of raisins
of the sun, stoned. Put all these in an earthen pot
and let it stand 4 days to infuse, and then put to
it a pound of loaf sugar, finely beaten; four pennyworth
of diascordium. Let it infuse a day, so put it
into bottles.

To Make Aqua Mirabilis
Take balm, spearmint, angelicoe and celandine,
of every one a pint of juice; of mace and cloves
sieve half an ounce; of rosemary flowers, of
melilot flowers, of cardamom, of galangal, and
cubebs of each two pennyworth. Then to the 2 qts
of juice, put 2 quarts of brandy and 1 quart of white
wine and put all these together into your alembic
or cold still. Run it off very quick, let it run
upon 1/2 lb of loaf sugar, double refined, or as much as
will sweeten it to your taste.

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