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To Make White Jelly
Take a calves feet, blanch them and cut them
asunder. So take out the bloody strings, and the
fat, wash theym until all the blood is out of
them, and let them lie in water all night. Take
3 quarts of water, and boil them, skimming it
very clean and as you see the fat rise take it
off with a spoon. And when it is almost half
boild put thereto a pint of white wine and
break a stick of cinnamon in small pieces and
put them into it, and 2 spoonfulls of red rosewater.
And when it will jelly, take it off the fire
and let it run through a jelly bag then let
it stand till it is cold. The next day if there is
any fat on it, take it off, then put your jelly in
a clean pipkin and set it on the fire and when
it is melted put thereto as much sugar as you
think will sweeten it. Take 6 egg whites and
bean them well, put therein a spoonful of white
wine vinegar, and beat them again. Then take your
jelly from the fire and put the eggs into it and stir
it well together, then cover the pot and set it over the
fire again. Then make ready your jelly bag with a handfull
of feathers and a crop of rosemary, a nutmeg cut
in 4 peices, half an ounce of cinnamon, and when you
see the jelly rise, put it into your bag and so let it
run through 12 times with the fire on the one side and
a chafing dish of coals on the other. Let it be
clear and so let it run into your fair dishes
(some clarify it before the spices go in and seethe
it a little with the spcies and clarifiy it after)

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