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To Make Ganna Past or Quince Past
Sett on 6 lb 3/4 of Sugar and boyle it till it will
Roule yn putt in 6 lb of quinces pared and Beaten
fine in A Morter incorporate ym well togeather
with A Splatter, yn Sett it on ye fire for A little
while continually Stiring it with A Splatter
yn Power it into A Stone pann and lett it Stand
while it is cold yn lay it out as you will have

To Make Rasberry Paist
Take Some Rasberrys and press or Strane ym, and
after pressing putt it in A clean pan and Sett it
uppon ye Fire drying it A good while, yn weigh it,
And after Putt it Againe upon ye Fire; yn to 1 lb of yr
Rasberryes putt 3/4 lb of fine Powdred Sugar Sifted
So mix ym well togeather and take it of when it
begins to bubble [t]wice or Thrise, you must keep A
little fire to it when it is laid out

To Make White And Red Paist
Take 6 lb of Paired Pippins 6 lb and A halfe of sugar
A good Quantety of Water, and Sett upon the fire
togeather and lett it boyle till the Sugar begin's
to boyle Stif continnually Stiring itt with A
Scummer, and then bruse itt well and Sett it on
the fire againe continnually Stiring it as before
and lett it be on till it be dryed well weh may
be known by Stiring ye Paist from the pan
Side and when it runs Stiff then it is Right
if you would have it Red putt in Some culler to
just heat it; and So put it in A pan to Coule yn lay
it out into what fashon you please and So dry
it in A Stove with A Moderate Fire

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Ganna is a misspelling of Genoa