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To Stew a Rump of Beef
Stuff it with forcemeat then half roast
it, or put it into the oven, then put it into
a stew pan with two quarts of water two
or three blades of mace a head of garlick
two spoonfuls of walnut catchup, a little
Cayenne peppers & salt let these stew over
a gentle fire for two hours, closely covered
then take out the Beef, skim off the fat and
strain the gravy you may put morels and
brown mushrooms if you like it thicker
your gravy and put a little red wine
to your taste garnish with horseradish
& lay forcemeat balls round the dish.

To Fricasee Chickens
Skin your chickens and lay them in warm
water, and dry them in a cloth, cut them
and put them into a stew pan with a
blade of mace, and do but just cover them
with water, stew them till they are tender
then strain the liquor and put them into a
Pan again with a little cream & a yolk
of an egg, stir it one way and dish it up

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