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To Pickle Portugal Onions
Boil a Pickle of salt and water, so strong
as to bear an Egg, skim it when it boils and
pour it hot on the onions, let them remain
in it 4 days scoop the onions and fill them
with mustard seed and horseraddish tie
them round with thread to keep the seed in
and replace the top of the onion that was
taken out, boil as much vinegar as will
cover then with black pepper clovepepper
and cayenne, with Cochineal, pour it upon
them boiling hot and let them stand near
the fire till they are red

Hunters Beef
a pound of Beef rub it well with six
ounces of Saltpeter, let it stand 24
hours, then take six ounces of all spice
six ounces of black pepper one pound of
common salt, mix them well together and
rub the beef well with it, and let it remain
a fortnight taking care to turn it ev'ry day
then put it into a large baking pan and
pour melted suett over it, so as to cover
it, then make a paste to cover over it

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The only other recipe I've found for pickled Portugal onions so far comes from Modern Confectionary (1833), helping to confirm an early 19th century date for this hand.