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Almond Puffs
Take two ounces of sweet almonds
blanch them, and beat them very
fine with orange flower water
Beat up the whites of three eggs
to a very light froth and then
strew in a little sifted sugar. Mix
your almonds with the sugar
and eggs and then add more
sugar till it is as thick
as paste. Lay it in cakes, &
bake them in a slack oven
on papers.

To Make a Carrot Soup
Make some strong Broth of
Veal or shine of Beef a little
Ham two or three large Carrots
Onions sweet herbs 3 or 4
Cloves a little Mace white
Pepper strain your broth
thro' a silk seive and rub
the carrots thro' the same add
a little good cream salt to
your taste.

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