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A Drink for the Scurvy
Take Rue Feverfue Strawberry Leaves wood bin
leaves Cink foile of Each A large handfull, Stamp
and bruse ym and putt to ym one quart of Strong
bear of Ale lett ym Stand thus an Houre; yn Straine
the Licquor out, and to it putt 3 or 4 Spoonfuls of
English honey; of burnt Allome as much as a walnutt
with half a handfull of Salt bottle it up close and
it will keep 7 or 8 Dayes
Take of this in ye morning fasting and att 4 a clock
in ye After noone Four Spoon full's att A Time walke
after it and Eat not nor drink till 2 houres After
Lett ye burnt Allome be powdered Small before it's
putt into ye Licquor Shake ye bottle well Every time
you take of it - Grate Tarmarack long birth
wort and bruise Aniseeds of Each 2 Drackm's and
putt ym in A clean cloth lett it infuse in ye Above
Sade Licquor to ye Rest of ye Ingrediants and att
last Sqeeze it out with ye rest

For an Extrordenary Cough
Take Raisin's Stoned an ounce and A halfe
Sebesten's and Jujubes of each 22 Dates 9
Figgs 12" French Barly one ounce and a halfe
Maidens haire hysope Scabius and Colts Foot
of each one handfull and 1/2 boyle these in 4
Pints of water to A pint and A halfe, being
streaned of and could add thereto Two ounces
of ye syrup of Pursline and Six Drackms of the
juce of oringes, Take 9 spoonfulls once
in Four Houres

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Sebestens are the plum-like fruit of a tree of the Cordia genus according to the OED


This recipe 'for an extraordinary cough' seems to be a variation of the recipe 'a pectoral decoction' found in Culpeper's A Physicall Directory:
"A Pectoral Decoction.
Take of Raisons of the Sun stoned, an ounce, Sebesten Jujubes, of each 15. Dates 6. Figs 4. French-Barly an ounce, Liquoris half an ounce, Maiden hair, Hysop, Scabious, Colts∣foot, of each half a handful, cut them, and boyl them in three pints of spring water, till one pint be consumed.

A. The Medicine is chiefly apropriated to the lungues, and therefore causeth a cleer voyce, a long wind, resisteth Coughs hoarsness, Asthmaes &c."