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A Receipt for ye Dropsy or Scorvie
Take Borrage Balme and of each one hand Rockett
Seed and cardus of each one ounce Parsley Roott's
2 ounces Elecompain halfe an ounce Powder of
Licquorass 2 Drackm's 12 Prunes halfe A ounce
of Senna boyl all these in 3 quarts of Spring water
till 1 part be consumed

For a Diett Drink
Tunn 4 or 5 Gallons of midleing Ale, with a Pint
of ye Juce of Watercress and a Pint of ye Juse of Brooklime
and 2 Pints of ye Juce of Scurvie grass after ye Ale
hath fermented 2 or 3 days with these Juces Putt
in this following dyett Bagg
Take of ye Roots of Sharp Pointed Docks Sliced and
dryed in ye Sunn; 3 or 4 dayes Two Pound and A
halfe; ye outward Rinds of Five orringes halfe An
ounce of mace Slice ye roots and putt ym in A Bagg
After this Bagg hath Infused Four Dayes you may
drink ye Licquor for your ordenary Drinking

For A Consumption Probatum Est
Take A Pottle of ye Stripings of A Red Cow, A quart
of muskadine, A Pound of Raysins of ye Sunne, Picked
and Stoned, A Pound of ye best blew corrans well picked
and rubbed but not washed halfe A Pound of English
Licquoras sliced A quarter of A Pound of Dates Sliced
an ounce of cinamon broken in small peeces; two nutmeggs
sliced all these steeped 12 houres att ye least; before
they be putt into ye still; yn close ye Still well with
Paist; sett it upon A Pott of water and let ym distill
togeather [?] give ye party six soonfulls, morning and att
evening for Six weekes of 2 months togeather you may
sweeten it with A quarter of a pound of white Candy

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