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To Make Sweet Pill's ye Best way
Take 4 Pound of Pure hard Sugar and make it to
fine Powder; yn dissolve 6 ounces of ye Juice of Liquorice
in 1 Pint of good Hissop water till it be indifferant
thick Put this Juice thus desolved into A clean morter
and mix in it of Muske Civet and Ambergrease of
Each 4 graines Rubing ym to Small Powder with an
ounce or 2 of white Candy and yn Stir ym well together
with ye Juice in A morter and as you mingle them
drop in to ym 30 Drops of Chimicall oyle of Aniseed's
yn Put to ym by degrees ye 4 lb of Powdered Sugar
Above Sayd and beat all very Strongly together till
it come into A Paist fitt to be formed into Pills
with your fingers yn Keep ym very dry for use

To Heal Eyes Pained with Hot Rume
The Skin being off
Take halfe a Pint of Spring water and as much
white copriss as A Hassell nutt beaten very Small Putt
it into ye water being more yn Luke warme. lett it
Stand on ye fire untill there Arise A Skim, yn take
it of with A Feather; and after you have So Skim'd
it Putt ye water into A Glass And Every morning and
Eavening warme Some of ye water and with A
Fine Ragg bath ye out Side of ye Eyes and Temples
well let ye Eyes be close Shut all ye Time and ye
water as Hott as can be Endured to doe no harme
And Shake ye Glass Every time you use Itt

To make A neesing Powder of Hearbs
Take a Little mastick Time. A Little common Time
A Little Roasemary Some Isa Rebecka leaves dry ym all
to Powder and Putt Some nutmegg to ym

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A neesing powder is a powder used to induce sneezing