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A Pouder Aproved Against ye Stone
Or Wind Collek
Take ye Kirnells of Acornes and ye Seed of Ash
Keys and ye Seed of Haires and hip's of Each
halph an ounce dryed and Poudered Gromwell Seed
and Ginger of Each 2 ounces, Loafe Sugar Powdered
2 oz mix ym all together, putt ym in A Glass Bottle well
Stopt Kept near ye Fire for Damp Spoile it
It is to be taken about as much as will ly on A
broad Shilling or halfe Crowne for ye Stone
in a Glass of white Wine and in Bear for ye wind
Collek when ye Paine does come and if once takeing
does not Remove it take it againe Although it
be Preasantly After it is very good for A Stich
in ye Side yt is caused by winde and for ye Splen
and it gives Ease for After Paines and may be
given to A Child of A Moneth old in A little
Black chirrey water but this is most Efectuall for
The Stone

A very good Electuary for A Consumption
Take 6 P[enny]worth of Spirit of Safron. 6 Penny
worth of Safron dryed to Powder halfe an ounce
of the oyle of Sweet Almond's 1 1/2 of ye oyle of
olives 1/2 lb Treakle 1 Nutmegg 1 oz of Bay
Berrye's 2 oz of cariander Seed's halfe an ounce
of Sweet Fennell Seeds half An ounce of Annas
Seeds halfe an ounce of Turmarag all these
finely beaten and Sifted through a Fine Sive
halfe an ounce of Alicampane halfe an ounce
of Pouder of Licquoras 1 Quarter of A Pound
Sugar candy beaten to Pouder and mix all
These together and Take morning and night
3 Knife Pointfulls

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