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of astronomy, and therefore able to prove this, we want to
explain below how long the earth is and how thick it is. And also
how far above the earth the moon is, and the sun - which is above
the moon - and how large each of these is, as King
Ptolemy proved. We will tell you again of the stars
and of the firmament, of their size and their nobility
and the height of the firmament. I want to tell you about
all of this. But first I want to tell you a little bit about the actions
of Ptolemy, who knew so much about the manifestation of
appearances, and who loved astronomy so much that he wanted
to search out all these things. We will tell you some things that
are not at all to your detriment: if you want to understand and
hear, then you will be able to learn something good.
Afterwards we will measure the world as best we can.
Now, hear about King Ptolomy and of the works of
certain other philosophers, for your own benefit.
[rubric:] Of King Ptolemy and certain other philosophers.[/rubric]
Ptolemy was a king very learned in
astronomy. This Ptolemy was king

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Marie Richards

original ms. Folio 101v
Walters ms. Folio 106v
BL Royal MS 19 A IX fols 118r-119r
Caxton, ed. Prior, pp 149-150
Gossuin, ed. Prior, 177-178

Marie Richards

lines 8-9: demonstranche de apparitions: Need a better translation.