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[typeset] James F. Dudley
William H. King Ass't. Secretaries A.C. Bayne, Secy. Wm B. [Cla?] VicePres't. J. Goodnow, Pres't.
{photo} [typeset] Aetna Insurance Company of Hartford
Agency at: Atlantic Highlands June 23 1893

Dear Mrs. Stanford
I was greatly surprised and deeply pained to
read in our daily the sudden death
of Senator Standford. I recall my presence
at your beautiful home in Washington
and his great kindness to me and the
deep {interest?} and feeling maniifested
in the songs {I rendered?} to the
large company assembled. I presume
you distinctly remember how the
{first?} was present and many hearts
were touched and tears were freely
shed. The impressions of that have
I trust were recorded above and the
results will be known when in
Eternity. In this dark trying hour
I commend you to Him who {?}
the troubled {?} of Gallilee to sleep
and has so tenderly spoken {Nies?}
precious words. "My grace is sufficient
for thee." May this sympathizing friend
sustain you { His?} Everlasting
arms and when {Lifes?} fitful

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