Condolence letters on the death of Anna Lathrop Hewes, 1892

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[typeset] James F. Dudley William H. King Ass't. Secretaries A.C. Bayne, Secy. Wm B. [Cla?] VicePres't. J. Goodnow, Pres't. {photo} [typeset] Aetna Insurance Company of Hartford Agency at: Atlantic Highlands June 23 1893

Dear Mrs. Stanford I was greatly surprised and deeply pained to read in our daily the sudden death of Senator Standford. I recall my presence at your beautiful home in Washington and his great kindness to me and the deep {interest?} and feeling maniifested in the songs {I rendered?} to the large company assembled. I presume you distinctly remember how the {first?} was present and many hearts were touched and tears were freely shed. The impressions of that have I trust were recorded above and the results will be known when in Eternity. In this dark trying hour I commend you to Him who {?} the troubled {?} of Gallilee to sleep and has so tenderly spoken {Nies?} precious words. "My grace is sufficient for thee." May this sympathizing friend sustain you { His?} Everlasting arms and when {Lifes?} fitful

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Fever shall cease, may you clasp again the hand of your loved ones redeemed through the precious blood of our Dear Saviour Never more to go [our?] forever -

When we go up the guilden streets, We'll sing the songs of Zion, So we meet that glorious throng Who have only gone before. With joy we there shall greet Upon the golden street. Partings are unkown Upon that better shore.

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[left-hand side]

meeting to be parted no more. I wish you could have been with her; but your duty was clearly to be by your husband's side. You must have no unavailing regrets. You have done nobly your duty, all your duty, in love, and loyalty. I did not see her again after leaving her own house, when she parted with me, saying, "We shall meet no more on earth, good bye, pray for me, and ask the girls to pray for me."

God with you my friend

J.B. Barrett

[right-hand side]

New York Aug. 17th 92

Dear Mrs. Stanford

I have just heard of the death of your sister Mrs. Hews. I should say, of the blessed release! how happy how rejoiced she must be, to be so freed from all carnal trammels. Did you preserve that wonderful

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[Left side, vertical lines]

I hope to be in the [Br?] of a week. My husband has been very ill of "Gripe" and, I not with him, my son Marius is here with me. Mr. Hewes, is in Boston, I understand His is grief is terrible. Your own will be sharp I know, but, you have that glorious knowledge and [Br?] founded faith of the [Br?] How enchanting to think of the

[Right side, horizontal lines]

message from beyond the veil [Br?] [slight?] must be the [Br?] when we are so clearly seen and interpreted by those gone before I can imagine the meeting between those two. You know the promised to be the first to greet her on the otherside.

I hope Sen Stanford is improving and [thet?] we shall soon see him in California where

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