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your dear Sister also--

While east in early
Spring I saw "Mrs Covert"
several times who inform
-ed me of the state of your
Husbands health, she also
gave me one of the Memorials
of "Mrs Hughes [sic - Hewes]"--

I know mere words avail
nothing, but my memory
reverts so often to our for-
mer days of warm friend-
ship that I ventured to
speak at this time remem-
bering too our correspondence
of later yrs. - While our
lives & circumstances have
greatly varied during the
past, still my feeling of old
friendship remains as ever.

My dear I can only com-
-mend you to His care who
"doeth all things well" 'tho
to us many times it seems
very dark--You are greatly
blessed with an abundance
of this worlds goods, in contrast
to many who are left to strug-
gle alone for a mere pittance.

I have a living sorrow which
is often said to be heavier
to bear than one by death.
My dear Connie is still an in-
mate of an "Insane-Inst” — I
attend to her wants & visit
her once a month. Oh how

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