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102 South Rodney Street Helena
June 23rd,

My dear Mrs Stanford,

At the risk
of intruding upon
your sorrow, I feel
that I must give
some expression
to the deep
sympathy there is

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about our dear
ones in the

There is also another
which you have
probably seen -
"In Heaven we know
our own."

With deepest sympathy,
on which I am
joined by Mr Toole,

Lily Rosecrans Toole.

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Lily Rosecrans Toole was the first lady of Montana. Her husband, Joseph Kemp Toole, was the state's first governor. 102 South Rodney St was the first executive residence. (Until 1913, Montana governors supplied their own executive residences.) Lily and family lived there until 1904, according to the Montana Historical Society.