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Bardezag (Ismidt), Turkey
Aug. 22, 1893.

Mrs. Leland Stanford
Menlo Park, Palo Alto
San Francisco, Cal.

Dear Madam:

I have just read with intense interest the sketch
of your late husband in the last number of the Review of
Reviews. We thank God that such men have lived. In
many missionary homes you are affectionately remembered
in the family gatherings for prayer in this your time
of trial. May the Blessed Saviour dry your tears!

Nor can we forget your bitter trial of nine years
ago. You certainly have the hearty sympathy of thou-
sands who know of you not simply as the wife of a great
and useful man, but as yourself a worker and a leader in
grandly useful enterprises. May God long spare your
life and fill your heart with the "peace which passeth
all understanding".

May I be excused for enclosing a circular which
shows my place and work.

Please accept this expression of my
high regard and the assurance of the sympathy of the
missionary circle here.

I am yours sincerely,
R. Chambers

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This is a condolence letter written in August, 1893, from a person in Turkey associated
with missionary work.