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My little one has not arrived yet,
and I am still patiently waiting.
These last weeks are so very
trying, especially when I thought
it would all be over - and that
I would have by dear baby in
my arms long ere this.

Last year Mrs Stanford
the Senator sent Mr {Cox ?} and myself
separate annual passes, this enabled
me many times to go with Mr
Cox when he went on business
trips - when otherwise I could not
have been with him - for my
husband is young and has his
fortune all before him - I feel
even more now the importance
of a pass, for there is no Doctor to
trust in Bakerfield - and I know
I shall often want to come up
here with baby, to consult my
physician. So if I could have
one for myself and { ?} even
though Mr Cox did not have one
it would be a great convenience
to me - I do not wish to take

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this is not a correspondence with M Camerino