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answered Jan 13/94
Austie L. Carr

My Dear Mrs Stanford

I appreciated so very
much the letter you
wrote me, knowing
as I do how very full
your life is - and
how many demands
of important business
you have on your time.
I think it was so
very sweet and kind
of you - Dear Mrs
Stanford - to write
me the comforting
hopeful words that you

did, especially when
you are so full of
grief and sorrow your-
self. Of my many
blesssings I count that
of knowing you
and being brought
under the influence
of your strong pure
faith - one of the
greatest. Although
I have seen you but
the two or three times,
as I wrote you
before - you will never
realize the great good
your written and
spoken words have
done me.

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this letter is not one from M Camerino