Correspondence (incoming): De - Di, 1888-1902

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[left hand side] no longer stopping there but could not learn your present address. It would give us great pleasure to meet you for you have been our hostess, as it were, during our visits with Dr. Jordan at Stanford. And we wish to send you a few [specimens?] from our [conservatory?]. I would [greatly?] like, too, to persuade you to spend an hour or two some day at Columbia, if [/left hand side]

[right hand side] Kingsbridge New York City

November 15 1902.

Mrs. Leland Stanford,

New York City

My dear Madame:

President Jordan was so kind as to send Mrs. Dean and myself a letter introducing us to you And we have been so unfortunate as to have found you out when we called at the Waldorf. Mrs. Dean learned yesterday that you were [/right hand side]

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you have not already seen it in some detail. I am one of the professors there and ought to know some of the things [to?] be seen.

Believe me,

Always faithfully yours

Bashford Dean

I am enclosing in the same envelope Dr. Jordans letter

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Stanford University, Cal., [/preprinted]

Oct. 20, 1902.

Mrs. Stanford,

Dear Friend:

May I introduce to you my friends, Professor and Mrs. Bashford Dean of Columbia University? Professor and Mrs. Dean were with me in Japan and visited the University on their way home. They will esteem it a great pleasure to meet you personally.

Cordially yours,

David S. Jordan

[notation] enclosed in Dean to JLS, Nov. 15, 1902 [/notation]

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Sincere congratulations

[preprinted] Mrs. S. W. Dennis

Thursdays. [/preprinted]

[left margin] ansd Nov 5/95 [/left margin]

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[different hand] Ans Card [/different hand]

[preprinted] Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Director's Office. New York. [/preprinted] March 2d 1896

My dear Mrs Stanford

I send you my heartiest congratulations for the victory you have obtained in the Supreme Court of the United States today - May God permit

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