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in the chapel, a new
vesper service, meetings
of various organizations
to attend, bible class to
manage and so on. I
have tried hard to make
the church felt in the
life of the university.

You will be delighted
to see the reverent
congregations and the
very genuine interest
which is daily growing.
as I write the afternoon
organ recital is progressing.
There are a good many
students in church
some, I just noticed,
kneeling down in the

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We have just heard of
the death of one of the
finest young fellows we
have graduated here -
Arthur Greely, a lad in
promise like Arthur
. He died
after an operation for
appendicitis. The
boys at the Delta
Upsilon house, his old
fraternity, feel very

Generally speaking
the health of the
university has been
good. The hospital
in the town has served
a good purpose in

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