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Hotel Toyon
On the Santa Cruz Mountains
A Place of Rest

Wrights, California, May 11 1889

Dr. D.S. Jordan

My Dear Sir:
I am sorry that Frank troubled
you about a lease of a plat on the
campus, because the matter is
not yet far enough along to justify it.

The facts are that now that
the children have all left us Ms.
and myself do not find it
agreeable to live here. We want
young people about to make a noise
and trouble us.

We shall therefore lease
this place and build a new home.
We like the University atmosphere
and to have young people about. As
we have furnished five students for
Stanford, we naturally think of that
and I asked Frank to find out
whether we could lease anything
there, within a comfortable walk
of the University. I do not want
a city lot any where, but, if possible,

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