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I met Mr. Morrison this morning at a Meeting of the Bay District Land Co.
who had returned with his wife from the Hawaiian Islands yesterday. He
informed me that he had the pleasure of meeting you and that you were
feeling very much rested and you were about to depart for Japan. Mr.
is the attorney for the Crocker people. I am afraid that Dr.
Jordan is going to have considerable trouble in dispensing with the
services of Prof. Pease and I for one am sorry, but Dr. Jordan is now
trying to excuse himself in a way that shows to me that he is weak.
I was indirectly informed that he had sent Mr. Clark his secretary, to
Prof. Pease to tell him he would give him his Sabbathical Year, on full
pay, as he (Prof. Pease) had not been away from the University for 11 years.
I am also told that Prof. Pease has been east visiting the different
Colleges and he is liable, when asked for his resignation by Dr. Jordan
to fly into the newspaper offices, and try in every way to humiliate
Dr. Jordan. All this comes from Dr. Jordan not being firm, but as I wrote
you before he does not give the institution the proper time and
attention it should have. He is away so much looking for public admira-
tion that he neglects, I am afraid, his duties at the University, and in
consequence the Professors do just as they please. I am in hopes that
whatever does take place that your name will not be dragged into it, as
you have kept away from it, and there is no reason why you should be
misjudged in this Pease matter.

I enclose herewith a letter from Thos Welton Stanford of Australia
addressed to yourself, also a copy of a letter received from Chauncey
, of Luxor, Egypt. The original I am holding in this office. You
will note there is attached to Mr. Murch's letter a bill of $69.83. On
arrival of the goods I will pay the same, as I suppose it is all right.
The proper applications will probably have to be made in order to have
the goods come in duty free, and placed in the Museum.

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