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United States Senate,

Washington, D. C.

bound in cloth, for such distribution as you may desire. He will have
in all 240 copies. So will Senator White
and each of the House delegation a smaller
number. I will frank those I send you of Senator Perkins
quota so that you can send through the mails
as an official publication. I will also send a
copy to each of the Californians mentioned
in the volume, the pall bearers, engineers and
others for Senator Perkins, and with his compliments.
I hope you will like the portrait. The Senators who
have seen it think it a fine likeness. I purposely had the
features appear full for the Prince photograph made him
rather full in the face and I think that the dear Governor's
friends would rather see him at his best than otherwise.

Please let me know when I shall send
the fifty additional copies, and I will respond promptly

Yours very sincerely

John B. McCarthy


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